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Blue Moon Acres' Hartley


Currently 55 pounds
Inches TBD

Hartley is the newest addition to Blue Moon Acres Golden Retrievers.  She was born March 24, 2023, in our first litter of 11 puppies by Blue Moon Acres' Sadie and Emmit of River Heights Golden Retrievers.  Hartley (aka Miss White/Hot Green) was the largest puppy to be born and the last puppy to be born.  She didn't stay the largest for long - her brothers quickly surpassed her weight.  She was a super laid back puppy and rarely made a fuss.


Hartley has a medium energy level.  She loves belly rubs and wrestling with her brother, exploring our yard, and sleeping under my desk while I work.  She is quick to follow us around, while at the same time being a more reserved puppy.  You can often find her contemplating life while cooling off in front of a box fan or studying the birds/cows/deer/etc out the window.  


Hartley also takes great pride in stealing everyone's toys, strutting around with them in her mouth, and putting them right in our face to show us what she has!


Hartley is AKC registered, was Embark DNA tested for over 210 genetic health risks, and will be OFA tested for hips & elbows in the spring.  

  • OFA Hips - TBD

  • OFA Elbows - TBD

  • ICH - Clear

  • PRA1 - Clear

  • PRA2 - Clear

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