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Our puppies are raised on an advanced curriculum, which allows them to grow up empowered to believe in their own abilities.  We focus on building trust and confidence, through gentle, safe exposure.  


Our areas of focus include problem solving, nerve strength (stacking stress slowly to build resistance), touch tolerance, sight & sound sensitivity, and startle recovery.  We whole heartedly believe that laying this foundation in the first 8 weeks of life, is critical in developing a well-rounded, healthy, happy puppy.


Weeks 0 & 1

Days 1-13

The first two weeks of a puppy’s life are centered around being with Mom. We focus on maintaining a calm, comforting whelping box, with gentle handling.  


Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI) begin on day 3. 


Weeks 2 & 3

Days 14-27

During weeks 2 & 3, puppies will still spend a majority of their time with Mom, in a calm, safe whelping box.  

We begin building trust by introducing inanimate objects to the whelping box and we continue to increase time spent handling the puppies.  ENS/ESI end on day 16.


Weeks 4 & 5

Days 28-41

Weeks 4 & 5, puppies will begin to leave the whelping box!  We progressively increase the distance from the whelping box (and Mom) to build a strong foundation.


Exposure activities begin and progress daily.  Handling exercises continue to build.


Week 6

Days 42-49

A pups temperament starts to emerge around the 6 week mark. By this time, puppies have been exposed to many different objects, textures, smells and sounds.  We encourage pups to problem solve, empowering them to believe in their own abilities.

Exposure to additional people becomes a focus as we continue to build upon all of the activities from previous weeks.


Week 7

Days 50-60

At week 7 puppies are nearly ready to go to their forever homes! 


Puppies will be cleared from our Veterinarian, receive their first shot, another round of dewormer, and a microchip. 

Puppy Evaluations will be performed on days 52/53.  

And Puppy Selection/Go Home Day will finally be upon us! 

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